In 2006 we set out to create the best digital solution solutions in the world that contribute to peoples happiness. Happy People & Great Fucking Products®.

In addition to building digital solutions, we knew right from the start that we want to build an amazing workplace. A workplace that would make our people happy and encourage them to grow and be the best version of theirselves.

This document states our Values, tips on how to grow and thrive as a member of our team and gives specific examples.

We hope you enjoy reading these principles and can relate to them.

Aim for the sky and fucking go for it ????

What it means

We are ambitious, motivated and we want to be the best at we do. We are never scared of questioning our decisions. We don’t accept mediocrity and low-impact work. Failing is OK, not taking action is not OK.

Why we do it

We aim for the sky and fucking go for it because we want to be the best, because we need to do things ‘the right way’. Life’s too short to build stupid shit. We need to challenge ourselves. We do it because we want to become the best version of ourselves by developing skills and a strong mindset.

How we do it

We take the hard road ????

Because difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

    • Example: We look for the right challenge for our team and company
    • Example: We say no to a lot of freelance money

We work together as a team ????

The best relationships are the ones where all participants are equal. A healthy balance and all parties benefit from the collaboration. So everyone we work with are treated equal. If you’re on the payroll, a freelance or someone who helps us pay our bills.

  • Example: Many people in our network help us by introducing us to new possible clients

We make the impossible possible ⚡️

We strongly believe that many people are having the same problems. We want to help a many people, as effective as possible. Turning problems into opportunities and finding solutions to problems which feel impossible to solve is by nature challenging. In times of doubt, we remember that there are no limits to what we can do to solve the problem. If we put it the right amount of thought and energy, every problem can be solved.

  • Example: We started from nothing

We know our own limitations ⏱

We encourage everyone to learn and grow. However, we all have our limitations. Becoming aware of them and acting accordingly is an important skill to master. Don’t be scared to be challenged by the people you hire: “Know your talent, hire your weaknesses.”

  • Example: Philip’s past Burn-out
  • Example: We care for our people and preach Mindfulness

We are a local yet global company ????

We’re extremely proud of our Dutch roots but work on a global scale, therefore we need to anticipate accordingly. Being global by default is the best way to prepare ourselves for the future.

  • Example: We use English as our default language for written content and in meetings
  • Example: We use tools which are compatible with remote working